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Painting has been a passion of mine since childhood, and what initially was a hobby, has blossomed into passion and an exploration into my dormant creativity when I started to paint regularly only a few years ago.

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Painting has always been my passion from childhood, and, what initially was a hobby, has turned into passion and exploration of dormant creativity when I started to paint regularly only 5 years back. Mostly self- taught, I have since then learnt from classes and workshops of leading South African artists. With keen interest in various mediums, styles and techniques, I love to imply different styles in different mediums of painting that has helped so far in bringing versatility in my creations. Starting from using acrylic skins or inks to rubbing thin oil glazes to create stylised paintings, to charcoal and soft pastel presentation of old masters, I have roamed around every possible sphere with success, in order to explore my utmost favourite medium, only to find out that my pleasure is not only limited to one but quite a few mediums and techniques!

Having said that my interest lies in various mediums and techniques, I must admit that my favourite subject of painting has definitely been human figures. No stationary figures do ooze my creative juices as much though, as figures in motion, or, I may say, figures that tell a story.  While little girls in frolic entices me to capture the motion and little joys of freedom, being born in India, the struggles of rural Indian women lures me to paint their daily strides in their own rural atmosphere. While these subjects stir up a part of my creative spirit, lights and shadows on little things and their shapes and changing moods encourage me every moment to capture them on canvas.

As stated in the beginning, starting to paint regularly only five years ago, it has been a very quick progress since, by exhibiting and selling my works persistently through art galleries and art exhibitions and commissions. I still strive to attain new heights in creating my own unique techniques and signature style.


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